blender tutorial games [feedback wanted]

hey everyone!

boring intro:
i’m a relative noobish in blender, but a rather experienced programmer.
i got into it through a job where i had to render customizable products for a webshop. after a long search i ended up with blender and i haven’t regretted it once. now i’m playing with blender every now and then, mostly following the tutorials i find on youtube. for instance i’ve used it to create the two 3d models here:

anyways, here’s my idea:
i think it would great if blender had interactive tutorials. i’m thinking of the typical interactive tutorials that so many games have: “right click the cube to select it… good job! now hit G to move it around … good job! now hit X to move it only along one axis… wohoo!” and so on. i could go into more detail, but is the basic gist of it.

i don’t really have the time to start working on this right away, but i’ve had it in the back of my head for a while and i’d like to have some opinions. do you think beginners would enjoy this?

best, hansi.

i think so it can be very helpful wish i had that when i was learning blender its easier to learn by doing im interested