Blender Ubuntu builds from svn 32bit? PORTABLE

Is there lastest builds for 32bit like official release that requires no dependencies. I need because after 2.57b there is several fixes i need (aka 2.57.1). Or only solution is wait for official 2.58?.

Win users always gets everything easy just download and run but thats why lot afraid Linux because install this depend and that depend, sudo apt apt apt get, compile this or that. At least BF is modern and makes Blender releases that requires nothing.

I would be grateful if there is someone who builds complete Blender releases like BF but from lastest svn.

Have you looked on

yes, there is only builds for 64bit that is very lastest but 32bit builds are less builded and all builds require extra ton of dependencies.

Thanks 1000 times, these builds are right one that works out of box like it should be, just like windows builds. Graphicall do not provide these. Thanks. So what those binaries are bigger but they work out of box on Ubuntu.

They are not all 64bit builds if you go to this page

Just install the dependencies only once that they list on graphicall and you won’t have to worry about doing it again. Nearly every build will work from that point on, aside from Cycles that requires additional dependencies.

ajm: and last BF standard build is 37197, not so lastest because building is slower, is best for now. As for dependencies i only like portable soft without installing any depends. Most my software is 100% portable even with libs and all settings in own folder like Chrome, MPlayer, Skype, Audacity, Filezilla…and so on. In windows world there is big trend for portable software years so why Ubuntu users should suffer…no.

If there is someone who builds for graphicall and sees this then please include all needed libs too(especially for cycles).