Blender + UE4 or just Blender for renders?

Hello! I’m quite new to blender, and something that i’ve noticed is that renders in UE4 seems a LOT more realistic, lighting seems better and for example gloss and wet materials seems to be handled really well.

My question is: Is it even worth rendering in blender? It seems easier since i dont have to import a whole lot of stuff but it feels like renders are simply better in UE4. While UE4 seems more realistic, blender feels more fantasy-like. Which one handles glowing and lighting, materials and UV mapping well?

This is the scene i’m remaking in blender/UE4. I’m just really unsure if i’m supposed to use only blender or blender+UE4…
i know it’s “up to my own prefference” but i really need some kind of reccomendation.
Please help

Ps: By the way the scene is from Enderal.


it is worth expressing yourself as you love to… till then, explore well, learn & know the science of magic :wink:

UE4 can get pretty realistic if you know how to work with the limitations (ie. screen-space reflections fading off near the camera, no caustics, coarse GI compared to Cycles ect…). Game engines haven’t quite gotten to the point where you can throw stuff in and expect things to ‘just work’ without some manual setup and tweaking work.

If you use UE4, you will want to make sure you have a beefy GPU, as the engine requires it for complex scenes in the highest settings.

But i don’t have a lot of time, since i am doing my national tests these coming weeks, and i don’t have a lot of time during summer break either. So i don’t have the freedom of exploring really :frowning: