Blender UI quick and easy change

Ok maybe not a quick and easy change but here is the suggestion:

Just a direct modification of the script. IMO this should be default but hey if you want it then here is the code:


  1. Right click the name field under item panel in the properties panel and select “Edit Source”

  2. Select the text in a text window

  3. Go to the menu “Text” on the header and select “Save As” save a backup of this script (if you want to)

  4. Select the text in the code.txt included in zip, copy it.

  5. select starting line for this class ( VIEW3D_PT_view3d_name(Panel) ) and drag until you are at the bottom of the class ( row.prop(bone, “name”, text="") is the last line )

  6. paste the text and save over the old

And there you go, you may need to restart blender for the changes to take effect.

If anyone feels nice enough, could you please supply a with only this modification in it (mine has been modified too extensively)

uh… supportive quick tip for adjusting UI and stuff… uh ya this is the right forum