Blender Ultimate Cinematic Camera Animation Guide

Blender Ultimate Cinematic Camera Animation Guide

Have you ever wanted to learn how to direct cameras within Blender?

In this Blender video, you will learn about basic camera techniques and cinematography. You will find out how to implement the basics of camera animation and camera cinematics.

Become infinitely better at directing cameras in Blender within minutes and complete a short project that will embellish your 3D modelling portfolio.

We will cover how to:

  1. Lock camera to view
  2. Utilise free movement cameras
  3. Follow curves
  4. Set up a straight fly camera
  5. Use empties
  6. Preset a fly-by camera
  7. Switch between cameras
  8. Fix cameras for use in Blender cinematics
  9. Camera settings
  10. Produce a 360 degree camera animation for your portfolio

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Happy modelling everyone! :blush:

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