Blender undo idea

I’m not sure where ideas are meant to go, if this is the wrong place could a kind person please move it for me, or let me know where to put it?

Blender’s undo is horrific if you’re working with a very complex scene. Or a not very complex scene if your computer isn’t great. This is because your entire blender file is recursed each time.

The work around seems to be split your project up into several sub projects and link them to your main project. Jees, I’m not faffing around like that!

So, with this new fancy Collection system we have, why not make a collection it’s own discrete file in a project? When I’m working on something very large I’m usually working with 1 or 2 collections open at most, so undoing changes to the ‘subset’ would be a lot quicker.

The downside would be moving a lot of objects between collections being slower. How often do people do this? Not as much as undoing things I’d bet.

Just my two penneth while chewing my desk waiting for another undo to finnish!

Have you tried unchecking Global Undo?