Blender - Unsupported Graphics Card or Driver

I keep on having an issue where a file becomes unopenable, and gives this message:

Blender - Unsupported Graphics Card or Driver

A graphics card and driver with support for OpenGL 3.3 or higher is required.
Installing the latest driver for your graphics card may resolve the issue.

The program will now close.


Seems to happen randomly, and it’s not unrecoverable, I can append the data into a new file, but then I lose the scene settings, etc. Seems to happen to me about once a week.

This is being opened on the same machine that save the file, and it just happens randomly, not necessaryly after a crash. Im not doing anything weird (intentionally) with drivers or hardware.
My machine is 2950xThreadripper, 64GB ram, 2x 2080supers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Seems like it might be a driver related issue, but I can’t be sure.

Try doing a clean install of NVidia driver. Uninstall the old, reboot, then install the new one.

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It says that, but, I haven’t changed drivers, or graphics hardware recently. and it randomly happens to files, if I save a series of files (I\ typically iteratively save on projects), it might happen every 20th file save. I am pretty sure its not actually( or at least directly a driver issue). I recently reinstalled my OS, and it was doing it before that, and is doing it after too. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers though, just in case, maybe that will fix it.

Maybe windows 10 is updating your drivers automatically and the issue only started with the more recent drivers, using DDU to clear the currently installed drivers and installing couple of versions older driver might help.

Had the issue again today. Am I really the only person to have ever encountered this? I can’t imagine if it’s a driver issue I would be the only person to have gotten this error. Could the dual GPUs be the issue, as that is not the most typical setup…

I do have a scene that is displaying the error pretty often, I am going to try to capture a save between the ‘can reopen’ state and the ‘cannot reopen, and have to append in the scene’ version and see if there is a difference I can spot (sadly though, it’s a somewhat complicated scene)

Yes it’s very likely to do with the dual gpus. BTW, do you have them in sli/connected via nvlink? Pretty sure you don’t want that for productivity apps, only turn it on for specific games that can benefit from it.

No SLI /nvlink, they are just two cards in two PCI slots. Matching EVGA 2080super FTW3s. Cycles sees them and uses them both.

Well, the good news is, I figured out what was causing it. Any time I save the file with a belnder window detached and open in my other window, I get that error. easy enough to prevent, but a frustrating bug. Reporting now.

Oh, and it can be opened if I don’t load the ui file

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I found the problem, it’s the double gpu problem, I have 1950xThreadripper, 64GB ram, 2x 1080 TI

when i opened NVIDIA control panel i saw this

I changed this setting and now it works

I think the system had a problem finding the gpu at launch

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Yep that’s what I meant by turning sli off for applications that don’t need it/can’t use it.