BLENDER-VERSE (Make a Splash in Amsterdam)

Final result:

Hi everybody even though there is limited time to submit for deadline I decided to join this challenge. I think I will enjoy the process a lot. It is really good to be a part of this event. I can’t even imagine being in a Blender conference and meeting with worlds most creative fellas. Lets start to make my dream come true :smiley:

Firstly I checked all the Blender splash screens and thought about it. I liked many scenes and compositions but I have to choose one. I always liked sci-fi, spaceships, space and planets. So I decided to pick Blender 2.71 splash screen. Made by Pierrick Picaut
I like memes and funny short posts especially cgi memes and blender memes. I want to create an artwork which is both serious/artistic and funny so I wanted to include some blender memes and unique icons in elegant way.
I asked myself what are the funniest things and icons of Blender???
+Suzanne(Blenders monkey)
+Default cube

Monkeys live together because monkeys are strong together : D I want monkeys to look like asteroid belt. I can use the default Suzanne model and create a texture looks like asteroid.

We got planets in blender 2.71 splash art and I think it looks perfect. Lets make our first planet as a donut and the second is default cube. I am not sure whether to make the planets organic looking or more sci-fi/artificial looking. I am more into sci-fi artificial planet or station style but we will see.

Lets draw the scene in 2d with a pen and paper.

I know I am not good at drawing but it is better now to understand the project needs and composition. Also I thought I can use the help of very underrated and niche program called “photoshop” :smiley:

In the original artwork there are many spaceships and they are far from the camera. I want my spaceships near to camera and I am thinking creating only 2 spaceships with a decent hard-surface modeling and texturing.
For now I will take a 10-15 minute break and then use the midjourney ai to create some concept arts and pieces. If anythink is missing in the topic please inform me.


I gave multiple prompts to Midjourney AI, to be exact 18 different sentences. Here you can download the all concepts:
Midjourney_Part_1.rar (2.7 MB)
Midjourney_Part_2.rar (3.5 MB)

I would like to share my favorites:


I gotta sleep for now, here are some plans about the project for tomorrow :

  1. Find an space hdri or use sth else.
  2. Create the biggest planet in the scene which might be earth or different design.
  3. Model and paint the one of the spaceships.
  4. Make or find a smart material for monkeys asteroid belt.
  5. If you have any energy left keep going and also plan the next day .

I watched couple how to make Earth in Blender tutorial videos. I was learning from CG Geek’s video but then I saw Blender Guru’s tutorial. It way more detailed and new. Thanks to Andrew I made this scene.

Also I just couldn’t hold myself and render with different angles and times.

Earth tutorial was so inspiring and educational. So the next thing was finding a good space HDRI. I searched and couldn’t find much. I thought that I can create my own hdri with shader nodes and found that tutorial. Thank you Kev.

I am feeling great about that challenge. It was a good day for me. Here are my 2 all original spaceships that I modeled but not yet textured it:


I had many reference pictures and 3D models/scenes online while thinking and designing these spaceships.
To collect these 2D references I used pureref. Here you can check my reference and idea pictures:

Also thanks to Sketchfab which is the sponsor of this challenge I checked and inspected many spaceship designs on their website.

After a short break I will UV unwrap my 2 spaceships and texture it with Substance 3D Painter with a little help of coffee. I am so hyped about the scene but I hope everything goes well while uploading the scene to sketchfab. Wish me luck :smiley:


I manually UV unwrapped the spaceships that I modeled. It was little bit boring but needed. Here you can check the uv grids and grid texture on models:

Also I imported the models to Substance 3D painter and baked texture maps. Tomorrow I will make textures for both spaceships.


These are beauties! Regarding IBL, plus the earth in the BG, perhaps you could bake it all down? You could do something like combine your earth model with the nebula generator, then do equirectangular EXR rendering in Cycles.

Make sure to get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge

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Thank you for your kind words mate. Yes I gotta hurry up and upload the scene to sketchfab ASAP.

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This wednesday I have a flight to Amsterdam to visit my uncle for 2 weeks so today I was busy with my luggage and backpack. After triple checking my documents and preparing all the stuff I textured my first spaceship in Substance 3D Painter.

After that process I moved on to texturing my donut and default cube planets. I could model and paint way more detailed but for now I just wanted to make the scene ready before the deadline. If I have time maybe I can repaint or even model the donut and the default cube. Here is the latest scene render:

Tomorrow I have to do all the tasks left and upload the scene to sketchfab. If you guys have any feedback I would like to read it. Maybe I should retexture the default cube because it is too black and hard to see with space hdri.

Hi everybody I repainted the default cube and now it is easier to see also painted the second spaceship I modeled.

And here is the final cycles render:

It was my first time to upload a 3D scene to sketchfab. First I couldn’t upload it due to maximum file limit but then I optimized the textures with photoshop.

After uploading the first thing I saw was that:

I made couple adjustmends in the Sketchfab editor and now it looks way better but I couldn’t set the camera properly If you can help me about that I appreciate.
Also earth looks simplier because in Blender I had a atmosphere and cloud layers. If you have any feedback about doing some adjustments in the Sketchfab editor I would like to take your advices. I hope the challenge is going well for everybody.

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Hi guys I suppose I did all the requirements like adding the tag on sketchfab… Could you please check that if I have missed anything? I couldn’t find the 3D artist who made the original blender 2.71 splash screen. @bartv @ogbog

The author of the splash of Blender 2.71 is Pierrick Picaut :slight_smile:


Thank you Matteo, now I can give him a credit.

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Hey! Just a quick reminder that there’s now less than 12 hours remaining to wrap up your challenge entry - submissions close at 2022-09-15T21:59:00Z, GMT+1 (click on the link for some international times).

If you haven’t done so already, please review this post which contains some essential information for preparing your submission.

At the very least, upload your work to Sketchfab as soon as possible and add the #bcon22challenge tag.

It’s also a good idea to add a link to your WIP topic in the description of your Sketchfab model so we can easily find it.

I’ll also keep a close eye on the FAQ topic today, so if you have any issues or questions please post it there as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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