Make a Splash in Amsterdam

Win a trip to the Blender Conference 2022.

After years of travel restrictions, Blender users can finally meet in Amsterdam again at the 2022 Blender Conference and celebrate Blender’s 20th open source birthday together! And this is your chance to attend: together with Sketchfab, we’re launching our biggest challenge yet with prizes that include two all-expenses paid trips to Amsterdam. Join this challenge, and you could be on a flight to Amsterdam in October to meet the biggest names in the Blender community!

The Task

Every Blender user remembers their ‘first Blender’, and that Blender version had a unique splash screen which is etched into their minds. We ask you to reimagine your favourite splash screen and upload it as a real-time scene to Sketchfab. For example:

  • Agent 327’s fireball from the perspective of the bad guys about to get fried, or the burnt crispy look of surprise after they’re hit by Agent 327’s fireball
  • Remix an existing Creative Commons splash screen.

We’ll be looking for the most imaginative and surprising designs that make great use of Sketchfab’s real-time 3D web viewer.

Be sure to read the sections below for details on how to participate.

The Prizes - We’re bringing you to Amsterdam!

Grand prize

Runner up

BlenderNation will also offer the winners a ‘Behind the Scenes’ article about their work, and will handle the production and promotion of these articles. The articles will mention the Blender Conference Challenge and Sketchfab’s role as sponsor.

(*) Winners will receive the conference pass and a lump sum via PayPal or direct bank transfer for the travel, lodging and pocket money upon providing proof of booking flight/hotel.

Submission Requirements

  • Re-imagine a Blender splash screen.
  • Re-mixing of Creative Commons content is allowed, but requires the appropriate attribution.
  • Create a ‘work in progress’ topic in the challenge category on Blender Artists and keep a journal of your progress.
  • Upload your entry to Sketchfab and tag it with #bcon22challenge. Credit any original splash screen creator(s) in the model description, and add any required attribution.
  • Submission deadline is 2022-09-15T21:59:00Z - click the link for some international times.

The Judges

pablo-200Dedouze - 200pxJoanna - 200pxbart - 200px

Our judges are:

  • Pablo Vazquez works as an artist at the Blender Foundation and hosts the popular livestream Blender Today, and also created the Blender 2.36 splash screen.
  • Dédouze is a self-taught illustrator, animator and developer specializing in Grease Pencil, and creator of the Blender 2.82 splash screen.
  • Joanna Kobierska is a professional artist by day, paleoartist by night, and creator of the Blender 2.92 splash screen.
  • Bart Veldhuizen, the guy behind BlenderNation and Blender Artists, and Community Lead at Sketchfab/Epic Games. He did not create any splash screens. Bummer!

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Performance and presentation in the Sketchfab 3D viewer
  • Adherence to the contest theme
  • The quality of the submission’s WIP documentation

The Terms & Conditions

  • Potential winners will be contacted by September 30, 2022.
  • Potential winners must provide proof of booking flight/hotel before October 7, 2022 in order to receive prize money.
  • Potential winners are responsible for all necessary travel requirements (COVID vaccine documentation, passport, etc.).
  • Prize money will be paid out using PayPal or direct transfer (bank) within 5 business days of receiving the booking information. Currency conversion rates at the moment of payment may apply.

The Answers (to your questions)

Head over to our FAQ topic for common questions, and feel free to leave new questions there too.



Will the judging even have a live stream or something? :slight_smile:

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We’re not planning to stream the judging process.


Hey everyone! We have just contacted our two winners - we’re waiting with a public announcement of the winning works until they have confirmed they can claim their prizes and travel to Amsterdam.

This has been an amazing ride and the quality of the entries was exceptional, thanks for participating! I’d also like to thank @ogbog for his hard work behind the scenes to make this all come together and our judges, Pablo Vazquez. Dédouze and Joanna Kobierska for their help with the hard task of judging this challenge. Great job everyone!


Thanks again for a very fun challenge Bart! And congrats to the winners!


Were they contacted here or on sketchfab?

I have just checked on the blender conference website and the tickets are sold out.
It’s a hard blow to be honest, to work quite a lot on the challenge, have to wait for the results only to discover that there is no way to go anymore.
Is there anyway to still get tickets you think?

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Hi guys,
I’m a bit surprised with the lack of response on the message above.
Of course, I am sure that no one anticipated this unpleasant consequence, let alone designed it, yet here it is.
I had the secret hope that given the ties between this site and Blender, there might still be a way.
I’d really like to know whether I should just accept that I’m not going (and it’s a painful realization), or if there is still a possibility, and an answer would help a great deal.
Thanks in advance.

You should check with the event organisation - they can probably put you on a list to get a ticket.

Thank you!!! :wink:

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