Blender very laggy / delayed in actions! Help!


So, first of, I know nothing about trouble shooting Blender problems, I am just a simple artist, but I have follow some solutions that have not worked, such of which have not worked ; Re-installing blender, checking video card drivers are up to date , etc…

It all started when blender just would not open, just a blank cmd prompt would open and nothing would have happened.
So I left it for a while, then 20 minutes later, still nothing. So I opened it again, waiting 15 minutes, then voila! it opened…
However not as I wanted it to. It seemed normal, except everything was really delayed. Hovering-over a button on the start up menu screen thing took a minute to highlight the button and even to delete the default cube seemed to take a few seconds for it to register.

I am not sure what has caused this, I read and research online and everyone else it happened to used Nvidia GPU’s… However, mine is and AMD , so it cant be that, I also rolled it back (like everyone with Nvidia did) and even updated to the latest version. But to no avail… nothing… I can’t think of what it is or what could possible cause this to happen… please help, I am in the middle of a project and I am being nothing but a liability to my team!

My system specs:

  • OS : Windows 10
  • CPU : AMD x4 Athlon 880k
  • GPU (Graphics card) : AMD RX 460 4gb Sapphire.
  • RAM : 16gb

If you need anymore system specs I will be happy to provide.

Thanks again for any help given!