Blender ViewPort cant carry loads of arrays

Hi good day,
I have been using blender since 2007 and am still having the issue of the viewport slowing down when working on a huge project. Everytime I go through this issue I run back to C4d and maya to start and finish my project.

I just got this new addon MotionTool 0.2 Beta and am happy to take my motion graphic away from C4D all because I love blenders modelling process.

While playing with the MT(MotionTool) addon, I got a lag while playback with 8 to 11 FPS.

My system specs are:

The Laptop
Asus G75vw
Intel I7 3750 2.30ghz
120gb ssd + 500gb HDD
16gb Ram
Nvidia 660m gtx 2gb

The desktop
Custom Built
Amd 8530Fx 4.0ghz
32gb Ram
Nvidia 690gtx 4gb
250gb SSD + 4TB HDD

and an Imac 27

Please can some tell me what to do to speed up and optimize the viewport.
Rendering is not my problem, its just the viewport that make me run away from blender.
Blender team should check out Clarrisse IFX and see how their viewport can handle more polygons more than vue.