Blender Viewport Lag When Animating 100K Vertices

Hey everyone,

As the title of this thread says I am having some issues when I am trying to animate the robot I created. I started with 170K Verices and was able to take it down to a 90-100K Vertices.
So the problem I am having is that the viewport is still lagging when animating this robot.
does anyone know why this happens?
The version of Blender I am using is 2.78a rendering in Cycles.

My laptop specs are:
CPU: Intel i5 6300HQ 2.6Ghz Quad Core
GPU: Nvidia 950M 2gb gddr5
Memory: 8gb ddr4
Using an SSD.

I hope this info is enough!


this is just the way it is. the view port is slow as a sick cow, and thats all there is to it. subsurf modifiers are among the worst for view port performance.

but if your final animation render is coming out laggy, then thats a problem.

if your computer support VBOs you can try to enable it in the panel preferences, System

Ok, but when we animate our timing is kinda off, How can we manage our timing with the low FPS Playback. Any working hacks in his regard?