Blender viewport slow? I don't understand the issue {NEED HELP ASAP!}

Hellow everyone! I’m a Roblox GFX artist… Currently I’m facing an issue.

I’m trying to view the whole scene in Rendered view but the viewport is blank in the Rendered view! When I changed the System settings to CUDA from OPTIx it worked but it was very slow…

This is in Rendered view:

I can see the materials and everything in Material preview mode. And by the way, in rendered view, I can move around even when it shows up nothing.

I’ve used the “Decimate” modifier to reduce the Subdivion count from 2M to 500. I knew that it slowed my viewport… so I just reduced the subdivion count. But it still doesn’t work! The viewport won’t load in Rendered view :<

My PC specs:

Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11370H @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.7 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
RTX 3070

Thank you in advance :>

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You amaze me… What’s this in the middle? and you deselected grid axis and whatnot… did you made some upper hierachy of the plane invsible in viewport ???

I did not mess up anything! I just made the “Blender kit” panel hidden.

try deleting the hidden panel that you created, and why did you create the hidden panel what is its use?

Well, I’ve deleted it. It was the sky image.

I never see a message like that, and my specs are below the one you listed.
Did you heavily light the scene? Are the viewport samples too high?
Try removing the VIEWPORT DENOISING (caps lock for fast reading) .
Also check the “block interface when rendering” option in the rendering panel, or your pc may freeze during the rendering.

Also, you can try saving it and Applying the modifier.

Hi there!
I usually get an Optix crash, when I want to render with heavy subdivisions, especially experimental mode, adaptive scale below 1.0, but my card is weaker than yours. GPU can also run out of memory ofc. CPU rendering is usually slower, but more stable in cases like this.
If you have a lot of subsurf, try lowering that maybe.
And ofc, check if you have a driver update, that MAY help :blush:

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It’s always somekind of weird if someone ask something and makes me wonder what’s going on and don’t tell if (s)he just downloded something or was/is working on it and the problem appeared suddenly or how the scene does work in solid mode (because of the size mentioned) and later reveals using some addon so i don’t recognize the GUI… and :

I did not mess up anything!

If everything is okay then why bothering the BA community??
So save your exclamation mark an let’s anaylyze the problem.

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