Blender vs Maya/Modo for automotive/moto modeling

Hi to everybody. First of all sorry for my english:)
I’m beginner in 3D world and i’m very interested in car modeling and want to find right tool for that. I have littler practice in maya and I like it, but today I saw the car modeling tutorial in blender and the modeling way in blender awesome. what are the pros and cons each of 3 soft for car modeling? I know, the CAD soft such as Alias or SolidWorks are the best, but I thing I’m not ready for cad and engineer modeling yet. tnx for any help and advice.

To keep it fairly simple:

Maya is king for this kind of work, sadly. Primarily because of curves and the snapping method. It’s still also the best rigging and animation package out there.

This isnt to say you cant make good models in Blender or Modo, but Maya has a more CAD like advantage…and it s pretty significant.

Pro: Best package for this particular focus. Curves, snapping, rigging and animation. MentalRay is really really really good, but slow and hard to master. Great 3rd party support.
Con: Autodesk product, cost a lot of money. Default modeling options leave a bit to be desired.

Pro: Best sub-d modeling functionality, insanely fast render engine with easy to use presets for car paint and other materials. Has Mesh Fusion as a third party plug in (powerful Boolean workflow), best out of the box modeling toolset.
Con: Snapping is poor, doesnt quite have the sheer accuracy of Maya’s curve + snap workflow. Rigging and animation are still rough around the edges.

Pro: Its free to use and the most accessible 3d application. Cycles rendering engine is competitive enough to produce professional grade renders (but not the best either). Good set of modeling tools. Decent animation and rigging capability.
Cons: Snapping is worse than Modo 801’s implementation. Hard to learn due to breaking convention. Missing the strengths of the curve workflow found in Maya.

So in other words, Blender is free and you can still make good things with it. Maya is the most expensive but also is the most CAD like of the bunch, it offers the best workflow for quickly modeling out cars. Its also the most conventional and will get you work quite easily. Modo is a very strong modeler with a super fast rendering engine, but like Blender its missing a lot of the core components that give Maya the edge in that particular category. Maya and Blender have tons of documentation and tutorials, Modo not so much. Modo is awesome though for what it does do well, and it cost less than half of a full Maya license.

At the end of the day though you have nothing to lose from using Blender, out side of your time. If you have the resources and are serious about car modeling, just go directly to Maya.

another example

hi. tnx for ur response. u hel[ me a lot. then i’ll with maya.