Blender vs Other 3D Applications

I came across this chart. Not sure if it’s accurate but it is very very interesting to see were blender is compared to other 3D apps. So here is!

That’s been there for quite some time and is outdated (especially for 2.5). It’s a wiki, and it’d be nice if someone with a CGTalk account editted it.

2.5 isn’t yet released; please don’t claim features that aren’t yet available in an official release of Blender.

As Nicholas said + it is updated, maybe not right after every new release but is updated,
I have even done a one or two edits myself, iirc. one was “yes” to fbx export.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if blender had fire and smoke simulation? Do anyone know if one could change the texture of the smoke simulation in 2.5 to make fire. Like one could do with fluid?

ronthehybrid: Blender is getting this ability with the voxels.

I’ve updated the parts of blender that i know are goingto get changed, i’ve left the parts i’m not sure about.

Let’s hope they mods over at CGtalk don’t change it back (Since the changes are for 2.5, which is still in development).

Nicholas words just went right past you, didn´t they?

2.5 isn’t yet released; please don’t claim features that aren’t yet available in an official release of Blender.

people that visit CGTalk don’t care…I think, or they “generally” know what is coming down the pipe…like everyone else(I assume)I am always “shopping around” for an app…I never buy anymore…but I am informed.

Ok, not good. To be clear, I was NOT suggesting that we update it for 2.5 (until that is released), but there were some old things (no layer based painting, one of the importers wasn’t listed). It seems those were fixed, but someone has updated it to 2.5 information which is a) not what I meant, and b) wildly inappropriate as it sets up false expectations for the builds and binaries available on This definitely needs to be rectified.

I think this is important to think about. I person wanting to use Blender for the first time would most likely download the offical release of Blender at instead of svn builds of 2.50 at graphical imagine the disappointment if they choose to use blender based on the claimed features of that list only to find out the are not avaible in the offical release only still under developement 2.50

If anyone wants to edit (as of 2.49), don’t have a login but here are some corrections.

  • Supported systems (Add BSD)
  • NGons (*NO - only fgons)
  • Texture painting across multiple materials should be -> YES

Didn’t see NB’s post, very sorry for that.

I’ll go change it (can’t at the moment, but will do!).

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That list is a bit wrong… max having proper sub-d’s? And blender using sub-d’s… erm… mesh smoothing with multiple smoothing levels isn’t the same as sub-d surfaces… would love for blender to have actual sub-d’s where you can select diff points on the model and sub-d smooth just those parts and it remembers the levels, but I guess you need n-gons first for that. Maybe the new sculpt will do that sorta.

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Well, i will make a proposal for a ignore endi button. :smiley: His answers are useless and annoying as hell.

…back to topic…

Such a 3d software list is helpful but only when it is updated with the proper informations.



says wings only supports yafray external renderer, while it supports -apart from users plugins- povray and kerky…

no screen layout config?? why not…or well, it puts a “?” .Which is not the info is not available, is just they don’t know…

lol, also… wings supports lwo…lol…
it supports custom views… binded by keys, even…it says a “?”

wings supports LSCM (unless the algorythm is similar but differently called…)…since eons… was added firstly than many…in AutoUv…

Hi I reverted your changes, that page is for released software. Once 2.50 comes out then the changes can be made.

Regarding accuracy of various software - it is a wiki, individuals come and contribute their knowledge of the various capabilities. If you are knowledgeable about the capabilities of a particular piece of software feel free to join and contribute.


Why? They’re not as useful as you think. They’ve been in maya since around version 4 and have been summarily been abandoned by 99% of maya users.

(my 99% figure is from personal experience and anecdotal evidence, so not exact but you get my drift)

I’m confused. I thought the list is for things that are currently in “shipped” versions of Blender, yet they had yes for smoke and flame, and when did we get flame support?

They also say that Maya doesn’t have patch support but I thought it did. Patch modelling was the big thing a while back and I’m pretty sure that maya can do it. Unless they are tlaking about patches the way Max implements them (they are a mix between polygon and nurbs surfaces in Max).

Another thing I saw is that they said yes for toolbars and shelves. Where are those in 2.49?

They also say smooths ngons (do they mean polygons) since Blender 2.49a doesn’t support ngons. Un;less I’m missing something.