Blender VS Rhino -3D PROTOTYPES?

Hi There,

This is possibly a very stupid and obvious question but I have no idea… I’m in unknown territory here! If anyone could answer my question it would be very helpful! I am not sure about formats and all that jazz … so here it is.

One can create models for prototypes in RHINO 3D which can be fed through a fantastical prototype making machine which can be used for all types of things (in my case a model for a ceramic mould which would be made out of plaster). I have no idea what the machine is called it’s put through…but if anyone has an idea of what I am talking about and knows if you can do the same thing using Blender that would make my day much much happier :smiley:


The machine is a 3d printer, probably. The same thing can be done in blender by exporting it as an .stl file (the file used by most printers). Just be careful when modeling in blender to not leave any open places in the mesh, or it can’t be printed. has some info on printing, using blender to model and even will print your models. I Haven’t tried it personally, but it looks very neat. Good luck with your project.

Yep, blender exports to the STL (for STereoLithography) format, which is that used by most RP (rapid prototype) machines. There are a plethora of options available in this field, and many providers of the service - all capable of providing a “real” model of your blender meshes.

if you use meshlab you can check if your mesh has any issues or flaws to it.
normally when you model well no holes, no surface self intersections the exported
mesh should be great.

LOL Rhino has even with simple meshes an issue …

The nurbs object is great but the slt has naked edges…