Blender vs The Others (Maya and 3DMax)

In your opinion if you could compare Blender 3D with the best CG Softwares like Maya & 3DMax , what would be your grade to Blender 3D?

Suppose Maya and Max have 10 points, what is your grade to Blender?

10 - The same level :smiley:
9 - Almost there :slight_smile:
8 - I believe in this guy 8)
7 - Its enough to me :wink:
6 - Would be better :expressionless:
5 - It is in the middle of the way [>]
4 - It can not be comparable [!]
3 - Lets talk about soccer :frowning:
2 - Blender ? Whats is Blender ? :expressionless:
1 - You must be kidding, its so far from them :<

/me quietly shakes head and points to the search tool.

No kidding!

…to think I was convinced these threads were finally a thing of the past…

As the answers above were quite obvious, there is no such thing as best software.

tioilmo, como você é brasileiro, vai em português mesmo:
Faça uma pesquisa sobre que ferramentas o Blender oferece, veja trabalhos finalizados nele, se inspire a conhecer o programa.

Não se deixe levar por propaganda, só serve para causar mal-estar nos fóruns.

Funny, I can sort of understand what cara_rj is saying…

all I said was:
"Do a research about Blender’s tools, see some finished works, get inspired to know the software.

Don’t believe only in marketing…"

That’s all. 8)

People used to say Blender 3d is very far from the others, I am just starting in Animation 3D and until now I could not identify a great difference between the free one and the expensive others. I used a free limited version of Maya in my first try in 3D. Now I am using Blender 3D Opensource and I think it is good enough for amateurs like me. I am not sure about heavy users. Thats why my research exists!

I think if I have an idea about this point I will be able to decide continuing with Blender or it is the time to change to not be frustrated in the future.


Tio Ilmo

the weather is pretty crap right now isn’t it.


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A bit of light reading for you :wink:

I’m sure there’s more too, I just tried one search and picked the more obvious threads on the first few pages… more detailed searches and clicking more threads will of course lead to more information.

To save time I suggest that people read these threads and pick up where they left off, rather than starting the argument from scratch. It will save a lot of time in the long run. By which I mean: skip the rehashing of points that happens every time, skip the religious flamewar and go straight to whatever it is that follows that that we’ve never discovered 'cause we get stuck at the flamewar stage.


First of all welcome to Elysiun and Blender. This is a question that is asked maybe once a week here, so there are LOTS of posts regarding it already. Do a search and read up on the features etc…

I’m having a tough time understanding your rating scale but id say (and this is just my opinion) that its somewhere at a 7, give or take. All of us here like it and that’s enough for us. If you ask someone who uses an expensive 3D package you’ll likely get a much more negative answer.

There are many people around the world who use Blender on some professional level. You prolly won’t hear much about it, but it does happen. Bear in mind though that most of the professional 3D packages have a lot of slick marketing voodoo behind them and many people are easily swayed by this.

If you are serious about getting into 3D then you should learn as many 3D applications as you can legally aquire. Blender will provide you with a great start and the future of it looks pretty bright honestly. But do yourself a favor and learn as much as you can about all of the different apps including Blender so you can answer this question based upon your own experience, because you’ll never really be happy with the opinions of others.

Lastly, it dosen’t really matter what software you choose because it’s only software it can do nothing without and experienced artist behind it. Learn the concepts of art Color Theory, Design Fundamentals, etc… and you’ll find that Blender can do nearly everything you want it to do. Look around on this forum there is some amazing work that has come out of this community. And, check out the video tutorials too .


I think this guy (Nebx) had the answer I was looking for.

Thanks man…

Tio Imo

I dont know if its been mentioned but shouldnt these threads be localised into one thread and made sticky with an eye catching subject title like “Comparing Blender to Big Boy Toys” or “Blender Vs bla bla bla”.

Just a thought. Might not even be a good one, but still.

Don’t think that’d be a good idea. Threads like that have a reputation for insciting massive and rabid flamewars. :-?