blender VSE : object fix to video question

Imagine 2 tracks in blender VSE. Track 1 is a videoclip with a horse galopping in on the sea shoreline. Track 2 is a picture (.png) of an object (in this case a wiches hat : yes it is soon halloween) on a transparent background that i want to put on the head of the lady on the horse. So I want that the hat stays on the head of the lady while the horse is moving.
I could do this with 2 transform effects and adding keyframe to adjust the hat on the lady but I guess this is not the most elegant way to do.
What is a good way to do this ?


If the hat is just a 2D image, I don’t think there’s an elegant way to composite onto a 3D scene convincingly. A real hat on a real head would bounce at least a little bit in different directions making it obvious that it’s a 3D object, so you’d want to do this in 3D to do it right. If all you want to do is have the hat bob approximately around the character’s head, then I suppose you can do that, but it won’t look like she’s actually wearing it.

To do that, you still need to do it in the 3D window, where you can keyframe the location of the image. Add the hat in the 3D window as an alpha-textured plane, and keyframe its motion with the video imported as a background image. Then composite as you’re doing now but rather than using a png file use the animated hat scene. That’s what I’d do anyway.

Thanks for the reply. The lady to put the hat on is not close to the camera, so it is not of a big importance that the hat does not wobble on her head. Keyframing the location of the image is what I was looking for i think. I use blender for the VSE only for the moment (which is a great video editor). I read the manual (Essential blender) for some 100 pages now but still need to get used with it in practice with 3D.

i would put the hat as a texture to a plane, use the vse to composite the hat on top of the lady, and then in the scene, rotoscope the hat to stay on her head.