Blender wallpaper!

Was bored on my day off so I made two wallpapers fer ya!

Ok all the bandwith you CRAVE!!!

All the bandwith I want just a few ads to pay for it not too bad. I took your advice Thanks!

Also check out the other stuff. My new new work is getting final touches done to them so hope to have them up soon. All I have on there is my work from 5 years ago. Back when Ton was all in the mix. Also we at blender projects will have our first Blender Art Contest of 2004 With Prizes. Now we have our layout finally done we can add some more features. Once we move to our new home we hope to have a contest every 3 months! Email me for more info. [email protected]

The shadows and lighting is a bit lifeless. Perhaps some reflection?

I have a reflective and glass version. I diddnt post it because I am having problems with my 2.23 with the lines rendering straight. I am trying to resolve at But as far as these two I wanted them to look softer than the refletive ones.

The wallpapers look awsome with my dual display system!

They go perfectly together.

Thanks, i’m always looking for a new wallpaper.


Thanks Im working on more for ya! I have dual monitor too hehe! and they look awesome!

nice, nice, but i think that you can make far better than that. this is just modelling a bezier curve, beveling and converting to a mesh. nothing Big, but nice enough to get :slight_smile:
adding ray mirroring effect to the objects would be nice too.

I got my render problem solved. I have some new ones I did real quick. I focused more on design and look than complexity. Dont worry I have 2 projects that will blow you away. Im getting the preview stuff done this week.

But some new paper fer ya. Not much but its a start.