Blender Wallpaper

Hey guys! :slight_smile:
Been playing with this the last couple of days, playing with Bezier Curves mostly(the whole floor is one big Curve). It’s not an attempt to remake the Blender logo, it’s just for fun. Rendered in BI, of course :slight_smile:
1920 X 1200 is here:


A nice and clean wallpaper with a technical look and feel. I like it although there isn’t much which is really related to Blender, if you know what I mean. I miss the logo :slight_smile:

I dig the little embedded springs for shock absorbing. Very nice touch!

Thanks minoribus! :smiley: I was going for a different look altogether(maybe more modern?), but I had C4D’s last two logos stuck in my head so it ended up like this :slight_smile:

Nice design Vicky… don’t know why, but when I first looked at it, I thought to myself, you could also have some fun animating this.

Blender wallpaper would be a very good challenge idea.

@harleynut97: I bet you did! :slight_smile: Thanks!

@TheCartographer: I think it would! Thanks! :smiley:

Nice… Me likes!

And, me likes,
Already commented.
Beautiful, “sensitive” work.

@Nunud and michalis: Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

I might as well upload the Cycles version here as well: