Blender Week Day Challenge #0061 (VOTING OPEN)

Welcome to the voting for the Blender Week Day Challenge #0061, entries thread here.

Completed Entries

(AA Gun (wf) + AA Gun + Apple (wf) + Apple)

(Salmon + Salmon (wf) + Stapler + Stapler (wf))

See for more info…

common ppl vote

Oh dear, I don’t like tied votes. Luckily I have a rule for such an event…

Atemporalskill submitted on 20-Jul-09, 04:40
VisionaryCynic submitted on 19-Jul-09, 07:38
The Rules say: The winner of the challenge will be the person who has the most votes at the end of the challenge, or, in the event of a tie, the person who was the first to complete their entry (This is deemed to be the entry post with the oldest edit date).
Congratulations to VisionaryCynic, Challenge #0061’s winner!