Blender Widget Released

Hey everybody,

Just for fun I decided to check out dashcode, the program for developing widgets for mac os x. As a result I created a simple but effective widget for displaying the blender news feed.

Check it out on the downloads page at my website,

Let me know what you think, so I can put out version 0.2:)

Cool work, altough im on vista. sucks

Thanks for that kind of widget! :slight_smile:
The possibilitie to shrink the window size of it would be great.

True. On the list for next release!

Do you use for your feed? :slight_smile:


No, I didn’t…
On the list for next release!

Thanks Alex! Would love planet blender in there too, but good job nonetheless.

You’re welcome. I have much to learn in dashcode, and while I don’t think I’m going to get to know everything, I’d like to get fairly good at it. So maybe you’ll see planet blender in a future version.

If you make one that will work for the windows vista side bar id definitely use it.

I haven’t downloaded it as I have my dashboard disabled because it made everything go slow (my widgets were overlaping - I had far to many :eek:)

I might give my dashboard a clean just so i can use this widget though :slight_smile:

I started learning how to make widgets and created a simple one that said “Hello World” with a picture. I also modified a couple of countdown widgets so that they were counting down to the time/date in my timezone.