Blender + Windows Remote Desktop


we recently bought a windows desktop for archviz modeling and rendering with Blender (AMD Epyc + 2xRTX2080Ti). The pc is placed in a server room and we want to remotely use it, on an iMac with two monitors, using Windows Remote desktop.

Now I discovered Blender doesn’t work well in this setup. I managed to install the .bat-solution (auto disconnect, then launch blender remotely en reconnect to the pc). Of course this has a lot of disadvantages, certainly because the pc is not used for rendering only but also for modeling, compositing, etc.

I’m wondering if there’s maybe a new solution to this? Or are there any plans to implement a solution into Blender? A lot of other 3d-software don’t have this problem, so maybe it’s quite easy to solve?

If not, anybody knows a different solution to remotely use the pc? Teamviewer or chrome remote desktop is no solution, it should be smooth enough to work on all day.


I do not expect that Blender would implelment any specific “remote desktop” type functions.

They already have an insane level of workload with current Blender and upcomming features, and your setup is very unique (limited impact for the majority).

Rendeirng wise, of course that is an easy part and already part of blender, but as you stated remote desktop to model.

now you stated that your primary desktop is an iMac that is used remote into that windows Epyc system. Is there a chance that the issues you are experiencing is an Apple side issue?

Also I will admit your issue is lacking details as to what issues you are experiencing. Is it a viewport not refreshing quickly? what is the exact issues you are experiencing?

Probably no help, as I assume the PC shall stay on Windows. In any case I’m using Blender remotely via VirtualGL, which works perfectly. As far as I know the server need to run Linux, but it seems the client can be MacOS also.