Blender with directX

Me and a friend of mine are trying to make a game. For that we are using blender, c++ and directx.
When I tried to export a test room (textured) as an .X file, directX doesn’t open it… If it is untextured it opens… but it has backface culling… and the floor turns out invisible! How can i fix both things?

your missing a lot of details here. what directx sdk are you useing? what texture formats are you useing?

if your not useing the sdk what engine are you useing? what texture formats does it support?

are your textures compressed? if so what library did you use to uncompress them.

details man, details! :slight_smile:

also you should know that directx 9c (or whatever it is now) doesn’t like double sided polies. It will render them, but it won’t be as fast as a single sided one. so make sure your normals are correct in blender before you export. (and make sure the double sided is unchecked on everything in blender)

also be aware of blenders .x exporter not connecting any of the vertices when it exports.

That is all relatively new to me…
First of all… connecting vertices?
Where do I uncheck the double sided and how to I fix that when the invisible side is faced.
The format is jpg (no library) but we may end up using png.
We are using direct x 9 and the other things I’ll have to ask my friend who isn’t online at the moment…
Thanks dude!

well if I were you I would not use the raw directx sdk. use a premade engine.

thier are some decent freeware ones out there these days.

like Irrlicht and Crystal Space.

this way you will also have community support on getting things to work in the engine as well.

also the double face option is in the editing tab. be sure it’s off and then check that all your normals are faceing the right way.

also jpgs can be compressed in dozens of formats so you will want a library capable of loading them…

but yeah, seriously use a pre-made engine. you will thank yourself later once you realize everything that even a basic graphics engine must do/have…

By the way I’m not using squares, I’m using triangles… seems to work faster.
Also… those engines are just rendering engines? With shadows light and everything?

squares are just 2 triangles to directx. Directx requires all models to be triangulated. if not it will render slowly or not at all and just crash.

those engines are realtime rendering engines, or game engines if you will…

each includes thier own features, most even have 3rd party addons that add even more features.

the engine I use is 3impact. this graphical engine also includes a physics engine. note that it’s not free though…

Hmmm… I’ve been in college all day and I haven’t had the cahnce to talk to my friend… I’m trying to convice him to get some freeware physics engine so he can learn from it and blah blah but he just looks the other way… I’m gonna try to convince him of getting many engines (graphical and physical) and even if they aren’t made to work with eachother… to at least try and join them… or is that too risky?

you might look at Ogre 3d which is a high quality 3d rendering engine.

Then you can use the Ogre exporter which is the most complete exporter available in Blender.


Well my friend wants to make the engine from scrap… I think the problem might be that I used the textures using global coordinates, because UV mapped textures are cool.
Where do I change the double side deal?