Blender with Wings

because Wings has cool selection tools I want to combine it into my “Blender work-flow” (tho’ in my case its “work-constipation”).
What format(s) do people find best to bounce meshes from one to the other.
currently I’m converting to .obj one way and .wrl the other.

Also are there issues to look out for with the wings no-deletion-of-faces-factor. Like when I import a plane from blender, wings goes “Hey! no comply to the winged edge database thingy” and sticks blue faces on the back of the polygons, I work away pushing polys around trying to ignore the blue faces. Then back in blender the blue back faces are gone again. hmm i guess its no real problem…


Hi there,

I can only show you my way from Wings to Blender, because after I discovered Wings3D some months ago I didn’t really model in Blender any more… (at least when it comes to natural form like humans).

I first tried the VMRL way to export my meshes to Blender but that sometimes leaves holes in the mesh. That was not satisfying and recomments a lot of work to get the original mesh back in Blender.

What I am now doing is use the export to Nendo-file and import the mesh in Blender using the Nondo-Importscript from Anthony C. D’Agostino. I wanted to give you the right URL but Anthony has removed the script from his page :frowning: . If you want it, mail me and I can send it to you.

Hope that helps a little bit, Tobur.

I’ve got a python script that imports/exports obj files from wings3d. From what i’ve experienced, its pretty flawless. Basically you make your mesh in wings in then export as obj, then fire up blender and run the script, type in the obj file and then press “import”.

Funny thing is, i cant remember who wrote this script.

the script is called

If anyone remembers this, maybe you can put a link up to point to where its at.

I think it was Hos who fixed the original Don’t remember who wrote it originally tho… =) It’s just a microscopic fix, but anyways… Unfortunately it only works with 99.9% of all wings.obj-files. For the remaining 0.1% you need to pull the file through something else first, then resave and import into Blender. I have an old copy of LithUnwrap to do that work.

EDIT: Found it!

Thanks Jamesk.

I compared it with the nendo script and I get the same results and as bonus all my materials from Wings (haven’t tried UV yet!)… :smiley:

I will use the obj-importer from now on and get rid of the nendo-import (was outdated anyway).

Greets, Tobur.

That’s a simple problem and has a simple answer. Blender can’t handle faces with more than 4 vertices. So if one face has more than 4 vertices blender can’t read it. To solve this, simply use the tool inside of wings to convert all faces to quads.

Yeah, you’re right. I had this problems with my first steps in Wings where I created a wheel of a motorcycle. I looked through this model again and there were these ugly 5-sided-poligons… Should have looked more carefully. If I used the nendo-import in Blender, these poligons were imported correctely into Blender. That’s why I used nendo instead of VMWL.

Thanks again. I only got one little problem: I made a human head in Wings, exported it as OBJ into UVMapper, created a new cylindrical UV-Map and saved both OBJ-File (with UV-cords) and the Texturefile. After importing the obj-file into Blender I see my UV-cords in FaceSelectMode. I loaded my texture and applied “TexFace” in the materialeditor. If I use the shaded view in the 3d-window (ALT-Z) I see my mesh nicely and perfectly covered with the texture. If I render the image, the UV-texture is gone! Am I doing something wrong???

Hope someone can help me. Cheers, Tobur.

Ah lotsa good advice people (LB rubs hand gleefully with much head bobbing) I will try out that script :slight_smile:


If I use the shaded view in the 3d-window (ALT-Z) I see my mesh nicely and perfectly covered with the texture. If I render the image, the UV-texture is gone

I don’t know if this is relevant Tobur but i had a similar problem as I had forgot to apply the UV texture to the material

Remember, fellow Wings3D users, you can tesselate wings 5, 6, or 197 sided polygons to quads that blender can handle by selecting all, going under the Face Operations Menu --> Tesselate --> Quadrangulate :smiley:

Remember also to prepare the face before quadrangulating it. It might not always be a great idea to do it without checking if it will be good first. Sometimes you’ll end up with an awful pole (huge amount of edges converging to one single vertex) that will mess up the smoothing later on.