Blender wont find Python

I downloaded 64 bit python and i also got C+++ and python 2.6.1 but for some reason it wont find python. I added C:\Python26 to the file path for python scrips but it still shows up as it not being there.

Hi there, you might’ve got the wrong version of python for your blender. I’ve had this problem till yesterday. What comes in your console window when blender starts? Compiled with 2.5 or 2.6? If it’s 2.6 then get python 2.6 installed. If it’s 2.5 them I’ve no idea what’s causing the problem. And I don’t think having C++ changes anything. Blender works with python alone.

Hope this helps,

I got 2.6.1 installed and have the correct file path set C:\Python26 but it still doesnt find it. It worked perfectly fine when i had 32 bit installed but i want to get the most out of my rig so i installed 64 and now im getting python issues.

Is the Python 64 bit ?

i didnt know there was a 64 bit version of python could you please link me?

I found this link in google.

Try this one:-

thanks guys. The reason i didnt try the AMD64 download to begin with is because i had tried another 64bit download and it said it wasnt compatible with my cpu so i assumed the AMD one was for AMD processors :frowning: I got the 2.6.2 AMD64 file downloaded and installed and it works great thanks a lot everyone!