blender won't run with new atioglxx.dll

i followed this:

I got the 3.9 drivers when the help says 3.7, but ppl have been saying that 3.9 is the best to do.

I found the old drivers, extracted it, expanded the .dl_ to a .dll, put it in the C:\program files\blender foundation\blender\ directory (this is the one onmy computer), and ran blender.

well here the problem. only the command window that opens with blender comes up. when i close it, it stops resopnding and requires a force quit, OR if left open itll just quit itself.

i thought i found cure for my slowdown, but now i have this.

thanks for the help.

z3r0-d says to delete your old drivers then shut down. Boot up and add the new driver.


delete old system drivers? i thought we were putting the .dll in the blender dir without tampering with the system.

tell me if im wrong, but it sounds like your saying system drivers


Your ati video card’s drivers.


but i thought we weren’t deleting the card drivers. most of the fixes say it only involves placing the .dll in the blender dir.

ill restart and see if it works by putting it in the folder

Edit: didnt work, im not quite sure i understand you :frowning: sry.

Read what he says here:


i have that version, 5.13, so should i uninstall it and install it again, becuase ive never uninstalled my drivers before updating, and they recommend that, so would it matter or not?


Don’t know, I don’t have ati. Just trying to help you out.



thanks your a big help so far!

i have a radeon 9200 and i updated the drivers because the textures were all m,essed up so i downloaded an installer thing and ran that without uninstalling the old drivers and everything works fine for me.
and it sounds like you just have some .dll’s and i have no idea how to do that so mabye you can find an installer thing for your card.

well i just got through with that, and it seems to be running fine so far.

it normally starts to slow down after several renders or so, or when creating particles (which makes it slow anyways, but it was making it unusable) now i can actually rotate the screen once more). hopefully its fixed, thanks a bunch. sometimes clean installs are always the best way to go by things.

ill reply again if it slows down again

nope, didnt work…

it really seems like the .dll works for ppl. does anyone have any idea y blender wont start with the dll in it?

thos posts are a little old, so is it not working cuz of 2.4?]

im getting frustrated now :<