Blender won't use Nvidia processor

Even when I specifically select to run with High-performance NVIDIA processor, Blender will not use the Nvidia GT 650M but the Intel HD GPU.
I’m on Windows 10.
Thanks for any help.

Where exactly are you specifically selecting it? You must choose it both under User Preferences > System > Compute Device and also in Render panel from compute device combobox. And are you rendering with Cycles? Blender Internal render engibe does not use GPU.

Hi, if you like to use it for Blender viewport you can try to set Nvidia with right mouse click on Blender.exe or shortcut and select Nvidia card.
It does not help much for viewport performance, Blender does not use many of the features of modern GPU.
This will be better with Blender 2.78 and much better with Blender 2.8 series.

Cheers, mib