Blender won't work on my laptop

This is a problem I’ve had for a long time now, but I didn’t know how to explain the issue. I still don’t, but I’m going to try and ask the question anyway. Let me start by listing my laptop specs:

Windows 7 x64
Blender 2.68a
Intel i5-2450M @2.50GHz
8gigs ram
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (GT2+)

So Blender opens just fine and appears to work, but when I’m using the mouse to click on menus nothing happens until after I begin to move the mouse. If it were just that I could live with it, but tonight I was trying to enter a number into a render property field and I would type 335 but the last character would never show up. See? It’s hard to explain. Like I would type 335 but all that showed up was 33. So then I would press 5 again and it would read 335, but when I pressed enter it would read 3355. It doesn’t matter how long I wait. The last character will never show up. I’m using the standard build of Blender and haven’t changed anything in user preferences. I’ve tried changing things but I can never get it to work like it does on every other computer I’ve ever put Blender on.

I’d post pics, but I don’t think they would help anyone more than what I just said. Thanks for the help guys.

Blender UI uses OpenGL, which comes with the graphics drivers and that sounds like a graphics issue. So my guess is that it’s either a setting issue in Blender or there is something wrong with the drivers.

You know I thought the same thing. I’m not sure how to fix it though. What do I do update the graphics drivers, direct x?

Check the driver version somehow and compare it to driver version on laptop manufacturer site or directly on the intel site and update if there is a newer version.
You don’t have to touch DirectX.

Could also test with some other program that uses OpenGL and see if it has problems, though I can’t suggest any.

I haven’t used Windows in a long time so I don’t remember exactly how that goes. On Linux I don’t have to go look for (nvidia) drivers and they update along with everything else.

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