blender wont work:(

everytime i open blender now and hit p to play my game, it says"there has been an error and blender.exe has to shut down, were sorry blah blah blah" and then would you like to report this, you know how it is. well i dont know what to do, i restarted my pc and all that stuff but it still does it, any suggestions?

Blender works fine, seems like it’s a bug in your game.

no, no, it does it even when i dont play a game, like five minutes into every session, so…

Have you tried re-downloading/re-installing Blender? You might have a library problem (And as such, I’m not that big of a help, being merely a user, not developer [yet… mwahaha]) but this might help, if not, try posting on the Dev. Forums

Hold on Tight,

any help is good, thank you. ill try what you said. im real mad though because i was in the middle of my best project yet, and now i cant finish it:(