Blender workshops/classes certification

I live in US and I have been willing to teach Blender for a quite a while.
Hopefully I will start teaching courses about Game Development and Blender in January in local college. But since there is no such discipline in the curriculum, I might not be that lucky :confused:
In case college will not open such course, I decided to make my own private Blending/Game Dev school (on a small scale of cause) :slight_smile:
The question is how will I be able to certify students and give them official certificate that they know certain aspects of CG/game development in theory and practice and “mastered” certain OSS software including Blender?
This is really serious and important question to me and I would love for people who has experience in the field (and folks from BF in particular ) to answer it.
Thank you, I appreciate your time.

I can’t believe no one can answer my question. I found some information on personal certification in wiki, but I would like to hear more details about it and I would like to see my question answered too :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Have you checked ? I’m not sure about Blender game dev … The trainer certified program does’nt seem to be “activated” yet…
you can contact Margreet Riphagen ( [email protected] ) for more info.

As long as you are not a credited institute you will not be able to certify the students in anyway.

There are many small private film schools which in one year / 2 semester give 3D geeks a crash improvement of their 3D skills after they left university.

I think in this area is where you can go into. However, without any name you will not be respected. Lest say you are a firm founded 3D professionals which are known in their field than the status will give the training some sort of accreditation.

If you just open yourself a teaching company and give students a sort of training / apprentice certificate.

For example Nikelodeon has the same system now. They train you one year in-house to prep you for their work pipe line.

Those certificate do NOT replace a college degree, but can add nicely on the resume.
After all the portfolio of the student will be the most important aspect.


thank you for the replies, I found them very useful.
I actually hoped that the trainer certification program would be “active” :confused: Oh well…

motorsep: A little patience… things are really moving now, the ‘trainer certification’ should be online soon! But remember, that is certification for teachers, not for students!

Perhaps once there are a couple certified teachers, we can get together and come up with a nr of standards that we can use to certify our students.

Sounds great!