Blender workshops in School of Architecture and school of applied arts in France

Hello everybody,
Not so often around, but I’m very happy to tell you that I will be giving one week intensive (30 hours) workshop in Blender next week in the National school of Architecture in Grenoble for fifth year students, and another one week workshop in the National School of Applied Arts in Lyon for second year students in december.
The course plan for the architecture classes is partialy on line (in french :o for the moment, I will translate it in english only after the workshop, with the feedback on how it worked) here:

I take the opportunity to give a conference open to all (students and teachers) in the School of Architecture next week about the free softwares in general and a big focus on Blender. I have a lot of nice archiviz pictures on my hard drive, but I’m affraid I won’t have time to ask the respective authors (and sometime I even do’nt remember who they are :o) if I can use them for this conference.
So if you have very beautiful images that you allow me to show (with all the credits of course) to convince that blender is a professional tool for archiviz, I would be very happy if you let me know.

Thanks all

nice initiative!
Here, I have a little file (wildhouse) maybe helpful, not pro, not beautiful, just in case of…:
Bonne chance

i got Blender installed on all the machines at our school (Carleton School of Architecture, Ottawa, Canada) and it might be part of the 2nd year computer modeling course this year which i will hopefully by TAing for some extra cash.
anyhoo, credit if possible, if you like em:
all modeled in Blender, rendered in Indigo, Blender Internal and Yafray.