Blender World Cup 2008 Discussion

Hey this is the thread for discussion about the BWC this year. I took the opportunity to open it. You can find the BWC homepage here and the page with the entries here.

Best wishes for all entered in the competition.

I really think there are fantastic entries this time around. Great to see that there is a huge community that is activly using Blender to produce Art. I’m sure glad I do not have to decide the winner. Oh I linked to the preview images hope that is allright.
Here are my favourites in no particular order other then how they appear on the bwc site:

Loramel’s Threesome

Lumpycows Oh that wasn’t a good idea
You just have to love the expression on that ähhh “cat” thingy.

Henrique Toilet head
That is soooo “Trainspotting”

Vampyre Realization
Everybody knows this moment when he discovers that he screwed up.

Devi Past and Future
Great emotion in there

Simple but great

Jack Meet me by the docks
A lot to discover. Definetly a great image.

i never had a chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, it kind of sucks that there are only 3 prizes… so many of the entries deserve a prize!

haha wow I love Lumpycow’s one… haven’t had a chance to check all the entries out yet

edit: Guillermo’s is also brilliant!

For me, i’d say.
With special mention to (in no particular order, too difficult to say)
and chimericidol
You’d need about 15 prizes to do everyone justice.

That one is awesome too. Guillermo should render it out a bit bigger.

nice entries there but the stand out images for me in no particular order

  1. Zordan “reaching out”
  2. Lumpycow “oh that wasn’t a good idea”
  3. Guillermo ( I forget the title of his work)

well done to all those that completed their entries and made it this far.

last year we pretty much knew who was going to win, but I think this year it will be tougher to decide…

it’s a shame mathias (last year’s winner) didn’t finish. I was really looking forward to seeing his stuff! What happened mathias??

I followed his BWC thread for a while can’t remember the exact details, but I thank he mentioned getting some work from a client. its also good that its getting tougher to pick out a winner means the standard of work is improving. The more talented people we get working with Blender the better it is.

My favs (in BWC gallery order) are:

Hurry, the day is ending! (love the style of it)
Grave of the Necromancer (great mood)
Sunday Morning (very funny)
Stonehenge At Twilight (moody)
Little Admirer (touching)
Reaching out (superb)
Capture (great poses, love it)

Whoa, many great works. Cant wait to see the winner.

I’d have to agree with The Animal’s order, except there are a fair amount that could be in that third place. I think that is going to be where the real fight is.

All the entries are great. Good luck to everyone who entered.

I just noticed at the bottom of the judges page . It says “Note: The rules didn’t say bribery wasn’t allowed.”