Blender World Cup (@ Blender Battles)

Hey guys.

Anyone interested in entering the Blender World Cup will need to head over to Blenders newest (as of when this post was written) Community site.

The Blender world cup will be kicking off on tuesday the 22nd of June, and will be running for a week (the first round at least, there will be 2 more rounds spanning 1-2 months). people that start their entries on the last weekend will still have a good shot at getting into the finals, so if you are at work etc…and cannot enter untill the weekend please still enter, you have nothing to lose.

there are prizes BTW as well as a lot of respect. This is the first annual Blender World Cup so its a big deal.

link is here

have fun people. and PLEASE (i am begging) tell all of your blender friends about this, it is a big deal.


yay, fun!..

cracks his knuckles

Oh man. Great site Alltaken. This will be some fun stuff.


this is going to be FUN! not that ill win or anything…

fun fun fun!

(look at my sig)

Well, it ought to be a good practise.
I’m in :D.

I’m in for sure :smiley: I’m Shadowdragon btw.

Please post some more information about what we have to do. Like do we have to animate something, or just model? Sketches, idea’s, projects?, how long? Give some more specifique info. Btw, I’m intrested to join this contest or challenge, but I can’t figure out what exactly the idea is. :-?

great idea. i just signed up.

Just signed up! This is cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looked at the Blender Battles site looks cool. I think that having to register to look at images is a big turn off. I would suggest changing that.


I second that. site is good, but I won’t register just for looking at pictures

true DAT

one question how do you challenge someone to battle?

Sutabi, go to the “rules, categories, tutes, FAQ’S” forum and look in the announcement thread titled “The Battle Process”. That will tell you how. :slight_smile:

oh whoops

i didn’t realise that people couldn’t view images unless registered LOL

had never tested that particular one.

anyway it is all fixed now.