Blender world settings

Hi all!

I’m learning now from the cgmasters’ environment tutorial.
Everything seems to be OK, but I discovered that there is a little problem (see the attached image). As you see, the ambient colors look different on each screenshot.
The video snapshot has the right colors. When I open the author’s file, I don’t see the orange light from the lamps. And I did my work according to the tutorial.

World settings and lights are same in each file.

Can you help me?

Here is my work

How do you like that tutorial? I thought about buying it but haven’t yet. Is it easy to follow?

Is it a light problem? Looks like the scene has Mist on it.

It’s a great tutorial! Unfortunately, it’s hard to follow because of the video’s speed
There is a review:

I’ve already solved the problem.
Go to “Blender Game”, render settings and uncheck ‘Color management’.