blender+yafray installing on osx

please ;(
i have installed yafray without problem,
i indicat the file path at blender,a problem with the path is /usr/local/bin/yafray or /usr/local/lib/yafray? (HeEEeElp)
and where i hav to create the tempory directory for yafray(blender say a directory for xml export must exist)

YafRay executable is located at /usr/local/bin in OS X. Libs (plugins and core) are in /usr/local/lib.

In blender you only needs to put a directory for the exported xml file. You must make a dir in your account (Home), and set the YFexport path to there.

And… I’m not sure if it’s necessary but make you sure that /usr/local/bin is in your PATH environment variable, in order that yafray can be called from any place.


thankks!!! thank!!! thank!! ! !! ! ! !! !