Blender + Yafray = ...?

A lot of people have been posting Yafray’ed images here lately. adn tehy look good. As far as I understand, Yafray reads the blender file format directly. I’m just wondering, If Blender is opensource and Yafray is open too, whay are they being ddeveloped as seperate projects? wouldn’t it make more sense to merge them? I know that some people were taling about re-writing the Blender renderer. so why not just incorporate Yafray into Blender?

PS. if there’s a good answer already on the ewb, just give me a link because I haven’t actually LOOKEd for an answer out there… hehe :expressionless:

I don’t think integrating them would be as simple as it seems. But then again I have no idea what either of their sources are like. But YafRay does not read the blender format, it reads xml files. You can use a python script to export to Yafrays format.

Because yafray isn’t an “only blender” renderer, as emtilt says, it’s an independent raytracer that can be used separately or with other 3D programs (if somebody writes export programs for it)

I hope that it happens someday, but now Yafray is still in development (see the current version number, 0.0.3) and there is a long way to go…

so it’s at version 0.0.3… :frowning: I admit I haven’t used it yet (stupid OSX version not installing:( ) so most of what I say is out of ignorance, but from the renders i’ve seen, it looks very complete, powerful and impressive. what else is there to add?

By now, Yafray OSX version is not being developed by Jandro and it’s only a compilation of the linux sources.We’re grateful for his collaboration to Hirosi Saito. In addition Jandro is working to obtain an OSX based computer for optimize and fix the Mac version.

The next objective is bump mapping. You can read this thread


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Full integration would be nice, but I like to do test renders under blenders renderer cause its faster and much simpler. If exporting to xml was integrated, I would be more than satisfied.