Blender, ZBrush or combined ?

Hello, I already had a similar post, but I dont think I asked properly. This question is a bit different. If I wanna make a game character, so he will be textured, animated etc. do you recommend combining Blender with ZBrush or just one of them ? Thank you a lot.

As far as i know Zbrush does not have the tools to make game rigs and animations for game characters, so you’ll have to use something else anyways at least for this part of the work if you still want to use Zbrush for everything else

Note that even if Zbrush is obviously a more powerful application when it comes to sculpting and from what i read texture painting too, Blender is completely sufficient to create a game character from A to Z, model, texture, rigging etc… without requiring another application (depending of course if Blender has a good export for whatever game engine you’re targetting)
Though you may certainly want to use an image editing application like gimp , photoshop , or similar to work the textures.

I suggest, investing your time in blender only initially. As it is more then sufficient to fullfill your requirements.

@sanctuary i think, blender paint is very sufficient to create texture maps for games. Just need bit more work then gimp/ps. i painted few models (water supply tank, Piston Pump and a machine part) in blender, and results were far better then ps/gimp. It was all real time too. but learning curve (add, subtact, alpha add/subtarct, layers) was hard to grasp. (straight lines were also an issue) but its quite good.

Thanx for the link to addon.