Blender <-> ZBrush

Hi there!

Ok this is just a little test. Modeled in Blender, Detailed in Zbrush, Displacement map generated in Zbrush, Animated in Blender.

The motion of character is crappy, the rig itself isnt also perfect, BUT finally i managed to create nice displacement map, even if its less detailed than in Zbrush. And it`s all moving. - link fixed

Blender render displacement map on, subsurfing on.

Blender render without subsurfing and displacement.

ZBrush “render”

Hey, that’s very cool looking!

What did you export the displacement map as? When I had been trying displacements from ZBrush in Blender a while ago I had problems with banding since Blender just converted the texture to 8bit. Are you able to use higher depth textures now in Blender, or did you convert the texture to an EXR?

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The link isn’t working.

Gato - Well i have had the same problem as you. I have exported 16 bit TIFF, but it still was grainy like 8 bit. So I have opened it in Photoshop, blured it and than finally used in Blender.

Um and yeah the link is fixed now.

What does the displacement map look like? Just curious.

Curiosity kills!


Only in the hands of the wrong people. :wink:

P.S.: Thanks. I don’t know. I always think disp-mapping’s not worth it since you need to have very detailed geometry anyway, or it won’t look good. So you might as well model it. But then again, i have no clue what i’m talking about. :slight_smile:

To get around the banding, convert the 16 bit TIFF to a float colour OpenEXR file. Blender can read those just fine, with full precision.

Yes,we could even use 32 bit float displacement(absolute),this feature should be known to the users.

How do you convert 16 bit Tiffs to OpenEXR.
Does anyone know of any apps (free) that can convert them?

I only know of Cinepaint, as well as PhotoShop CS (I think that is the first one with 16bit support) or higher. Oh yeah, Krita supports 32bit and EXR too! :slight_smile:

Edit: Couldn’t you also convert the textures through the Blender compositor? Can’t that load higher bit TIFFs etc. as well?

Thanks Gato.
I was hoping there would be free software for windows that could convert tiffs. Cinepaint and Krita are linux only?

by my knowledge yes, or w8… actualy cinepaint should be for windows to… (under a different name?) but im not to sure.

for tiff to hdr you can use radiance(it has some line command programs that can convert to hdri)or hdrishop.but this give sometimes errors.Cinepaint(I speak for the old filmgimp windows version)sucks,really really bad,don’t work(we hope for the new cinepaint glasgow,if it’s goes out…)