./blender2pov: error while loading shared libs: libgettextlib-0.14.5.so: not found

So I downloaded blender2pov from

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6J Linux with cvs 11-26-2006 by alexv

…did tar xzvf 000304_linux2.tar.gz
…then cd linux2

…and moved blend2pov executable to the running blender folder.

Downloaded povray sources from


Built them succesfully, and followed the procedures shown in the INSTALL file included w/package. Everything ran fine.

So when I enter the blender folder (which contains the executable blender2pov) I get

./blender2pov: error while loading shared libraries: libgettextlib-0.14.5.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

No workaround found by googling and searching in the forums. I use Debian Etch, and every package related with gettext is already installed.

What am I missing? Do I have to find libgettextlib-0.14.5.so wherever it is, or is there any other thing I should try?

Thanks in advance for any response or help.


I don’t know which is the current version of libgettext I’m affraid, but I’ve had success in the past when faced with the same problem with a sound library.

First, I’d check to see which version of the library you have on your system - it’s always possible that you have a newer version than the one mentioned on the command line.

In linux, I always use the locate and updatedb commands. I’d just type “locate libgettextlib-”. If the system won’t do it, complaining about the database being out of date, and not being regenerated within the last 8 days then just type sudo updatedb and find something to do for about 5 mins. If you don’t have locate and updatedb, you can download them with apt-get, though I forget the exact name of the package.

Now with all that done, hopefully you’ll find that you have another version of the library installed. What I do now is copy the library of a different version to a new file that I name after the file that’s not being found. I then make a note of this change in a log file, so that I can undo the change in the event of errors or a package that won’t update properly at a later date, since the system thinks the package is already installed.

Enhzflep: that was it. :yes::stuck_out_tongue:


locate libettextlib

showed that my library had a newer version than that required.

Simply doing

cp libgettextlib-0.16.1 libgettextlib-0.14.5

solved the whole stuff.

Thank you for the help, friend.

Best regards!