Blender3d CJ re-releases

(DAK) #1

I hope that when Ton opens up blender3d that he will re-release the old CJs and the tutorials. He still has them I hope?

(theeth) #2

well, I hope someone has them, since I lost track of my first 2 tutorial collumns.

[email protected] help me!


(LethalSideP) #3

Speaking of [email protected], where is he? I haven’t seen him since he posted that ‘I’m OK’ message after NaN went down in March. What’s happened to him? Is he still there? More importantly, does he know about the latest Blender news?


(theeth) #4

LethalSideP: second port there:


(LethalSideP) #5

Cheers Theeth. And by the wqay, congrats on breaching the 700 post mark! Very impressive!!! (I wanna be a forum monkey too) :frowning: :wink:

(theeth) #6

thanks! :slight_smile:

I had the pleasure to become “Satan” for a while… (666 posts) 8)


(LethalSideP) #7

We’ll have to have a party when you get to 1000…:wink:

U’re lucky - I’ve still got 666 to come… GULP