#Blender52 2020 Edition

#Blender52 is an initiative aimed at helping blender users new and advanced to keep growing, keep learning and stay motivated.

Every week for 52 weeks, we have a new theme to inspire you to create a new render.
52 Weeks, 52 Themes, 52 Renders. #Blender 52.

Below you will see the official theme list for 2020, with week 1 “Cartoon” starting today(Dec 30th)! All you need to do to participate is create a render based on the theme and then share it on Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #Blender52

All renders will be combined into a collage and shared on our platforms and the best works will get their own featured posts.

Through out the year you can look forward to sponsored prizes, Level roles and general shenanigans!
Come join the fun!
You can become part of the community by joining our Discord.

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