Blender52 2021 Season 3 Starts 4th Jan

Greetings all,

Blender52 is about to enter it’s 3rd season.
What started out as a personal New Years resolution has become a truly global community with thousands of members!

So what is Blender52?
Blender52 aims to help artists of ALL levels stay motivated through providing 52 prompts across the 52 weeks of the year helping you learn and grow.

This year we have also introduced Blender52 PRO, which sees a more refined and focused 15 prompts across the year. This is for high level artists and looks to help you create a year long project with definitive outcomes.

The best part is all of this is FREE and backed by a community that is always present to help, motivate, educate and have fun.

You can read more info on our website:

On Monday 4th Jan, we launch week 1, with the theme “Retro”
While the first PRO prompt is “Interior”

All you need to do to submit your render is post it to Twitter or Instagram with the #blender52 tag
Or post to reddit and use the Blender52 flair.

Alternatively, I invite you to join our discord group for the most holistic experience.

I look forward to seeing what you can create!

With Thanks
Abe (Founder)


Thank you for your outstanding effort. I will do my best to keep going and stick with it. I do like the idea of the pro category where you have more time to invest into a single render. I do prefer large scale projects myself. I think I will adhere to the pro list, even tho I am far from a professional. See you all on the discord! Good luck and happy new year.

AWESOME SAUCE Thanks for joining :slight_smile: