Hi I found an old blendfile of a project and as I am learning Drupal
I build a site around it. aqa Secrretjewlers because I wanted to put some of my things online.
Blog Forum Gallery etc.
The plan is to create an open story: There comes a … in the BlenderBar.
Featuring Proog Emo Petunia Momo Franky etc. (copyrights by there owners)
( yet to incorporate )
Feel free to create an account and tell me what you find.
I Ziped up the Folder blend refernce pics (its a bit of a mesh, layers missing pics)
PROBLEM I open the file Blender 2.48 Mandriva 2007.1 pIII 1000 512 memory Matrox G400
./blender -d
tells me segmentation fauld and corupt jpg header any ideas
Ty piet
E-Mail [email protected]
EDIT site broke down cant even backup doesnot work
EDIT1 power is down in part of Amsterdam where I live so
I will wait for the hosting provider to restart
Yes I am back.