BlenderBuilder Demo

Hey all, it’s been forever since I posted anything here but a friend and I recently started dinking around with an old project I had and decided we would pick back up work on it for awhile. We figured we might as well post it here so somebody can have some fun playing around in it (or completely hate it and tell us how terrible it is). Constructive criticism and pointers are very welcome (and encouraged). Anyways, enough blah and more game. I’ll post a few screens so everyone can see if it looks like it’s worth messing around with.

Leave questions and comments below vvv

There are working elevators (Place at the top of where you want to go and it will figure it’s way down and stop)
Also working sand and gravel “physics,” which I quote because they aren’t really physics…

You’ll just have to mess with it all and see.

Speaking of that, here’s the Dropbox Link:

Let us know what you think. I’ll post more screenshots in the chat eventually. I kinda messed up this attachment thing…

The guys whose names are in the little #Readme script

p.s. If you want to experiment you can add your own place-ables by putting their names into the empty spaces in “BlockList”, just add more quotes if you need them.

Well, this demo looks pretty impressive!:slight_smile: However, such large shadowmaps are not healthy for my low end GPU. Also - it is very unoptimised so theese all blocks may cause a lot of lag. Games like this may require a voxel engine in BGE that can handle that all better(not worrying that much about a lot of cubes). Also VBOs would improve FPS for this, imho.

Yeah, his is definitely much better. We’ll definitely read through his code and see what we can learn from it. The script we are currently using is one from quite some time back when I had less experience with the game engine.

Thanks for pointing out the shadows. I’m not sure how they got back over like that, I had set them to variance with a much lower resolution. I just fixed it and saved the changes, should be good now.

Yeah, I definitely agree that it needs some optimization. Especially to run well on lower end systems.

I said I’d post some more screenshots, but I just realized that a video showing the stuff would be easier so I did that instead.
Sorry, it’s kinda poor quality. I didn’t want it to take a whole long time to upload…

Not bad, although it very much lacks highlighting of the selected face. Also the download version doesn’t seem to have the fancy features of your video available (at least not via the ingame UI).

I don’t think "block easy demo’ is a better minecraft “clone” (if that’s the intent).

I think I see what you mean about the features. They are there, you just have to scroll through the blocks with the arrow keys to select them.

Ah, great! I had only tired the mousewheel :slight_smile:

Couldn’t break the game. Too slippery blocks :slight_smile: