BlenderCast, Take 2

Hello everyone, if you guys remember, i proposed creating a blender podcast several months back. Everyone got all hyped up about it, and then it went nowhere. So, I’m here to announce that the project is back. I’ve just made the first episode, and it’s uploading while we speak. It’s currently only in .flac, but within hours, the IA should have it ported to something more portable (.mp3).

Also, you might want to note that this episode really isn’t very good. I only spent an hour on production, post production, and uploading. I hope it will eventually get better.

Ah, it’s done, here’s the URL, enjoy:

Hopefully, we’ll get this in a RSS feed.

you really need more people on the show… so you can have a conversation.
good luck with the cast.


as basse said, another guy would be nice,
as the discussion would make it more interesting,
but at least its off the ground now, good luck! :slight_smile:

edit: ok, some of the things you talked about…
I think you were a bit confused, but oh well. :slight_smile:

irix is the SGI’s UNIX

Yup, I completely agree. But there’s no one that I know of who would be interested in doing it with me, which is why I really need to get skype (or another VoiP software) to record it.

here is for example on podcast that explains how they do it via skype… might be interesting to listen… there is lot information about setups also if you just do google search…


Alright, I just found a co-host!

I’ll try to get another episode out by Halloween, and maybe it will be a bit more interesting.

You should have live conversations on skype or something, with blender users.

EDIT: just realized that’s already been said.

You should think of some sections to add into the podcast. Such as news, updates, new artwork on the BAF, and interviews with artists. Just some ideas.

Yup, my guess is that the next episode will probably be about the same,


But I hope to add in the “artwork of the week” and an “Interview with the artist”, soon. But I’m a busy guy. And only have a limited amount of time. But I hope this will eventually be great…

Haha i was the one who suggested Game Maker being combined with Blender. Just to let you know, Game Maker 7 has been out for about a year now, and you can make 3D games with it. The reason I thought of combining the two is because it would add 3D to Game Maker. But now that I think about this, it was a stupid idea.

Audacity is the best, it doesn’t take any of my computer.

Just to let you know, I am launching a site in the next month or so that it going to have lots of blender material so if you wanted to host the show there you could.

Great, I’m guessing you don’t want it in the big 100 MB .flac format though. :slight_smile: But that would be great. It would probably be much easier for me to make an rss feed.

Also, thanks, I will put an update to GM in the next show, and give my apologies. Hmm… Now all I need to do is find a way to get skype to work. Oh well, I suppose any random artist that ‘wanted’ their piece to be on the show, they can upload it, if not, then I guess I will just have a larger discusion period.

If you want your artwork to be in the next show, I need it by friday, otherwise, it will only be a maybe that it will be in the next show.

I can try to finish up my current work in progress by friday. Maybe its qualified to get on the show.

Na, don’t rush it. There’s always a ‘next show’. Besides, the other co-host has never done a podcast, I was thinking I could start it easy for him. I was mainly thinking of someone who already had theirs finished, and just wanted a little shout out.

Well, it took a bit longer then expected to ‘edit’ the thing, but here you go for episode 2. I got a person to talk with, but there still is a bunch of stuff to work out. Anyway, here you go.

hmm, the site is just too strange.
i couldn’t find any rss feed for podcasts. you really need to set this up a bit differently. see how other podcast sites do it. it’s usually blog like system, with show notes and download links for audio clips. also rss is very useful for listeners that follow streams from their media players.

also, the embedded player played only episode 1, or i didn’t understand how you select which episode you want. there are lot of files on the page, xml and ffp and… things i have no idea what they are needed for. only reference to episode 2 seemed to be on “audio files” slot, but if i understood correctly, it’s 145megs flac file… so i skipped that for now.


Hey TBOL3,

I set up an RSS feed for your podcast! I am assuming you still want to that site to hold it, so PM me with your ideas! The thing is you will have to re-upload the files to my server in mp3 format… You can view the feed here, it only has Episode 1 on it though.

Oh and I made this. I think it looks pretty cool, but in order to use it I think you have to check with the Blender Organization. It also can be made to look a lot better, and smaller.

  1. It does look cool, but I don’t think we have the rights to use it.
  2. At the moment, yes, I wouldn’t mind it on your server.
  3. You might want to use wordpress (got to ), which will automatically generate rss feeds.
  4. Sorry about the second episode, I forgot to hit derive on It should be there now.

I set up wordpress, but this is just easier.