blenderchat dead

(kaktuswasse) #1

Hey guys!

i don’t know why, but the blenderchat is dead. Nobody is saying a word or shows his/her
work :frowning: And yes, it’s probably cos the ops are getting a lit bit mad…
Tell me your opinions…

cya henrik

P.S.: i hope i dont insult somebody with this topic, because that’S not the sense of it…

(wavk) #2

Yup, true, but I think that’s because the chatbox got ripped off I think most people, including me, connected that way, not with mirc or something. I tried connecting via mirc, but I didn’t succeed, I’m not a mirc fan.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(Timothy) #3

ah sorry about that,… will try to add it again soon.

(uv) #4

Yes, but you know Blender is so addictive…