Blendercookie concept WIP - CyperDemonThingy

I originally didn’t intend to make a WIP thread but looking at my sculpts I thought “why the hell not” I quite enjoy my WIP sculpts so far and decided to share them, I know it’s a bit late in the contest (Ugh, spent the first 2.5 weeks deciding whether or not to participate then from that until yesterday I spent sketching my idea, yesterday and today is sculpting and retopo and texturing will have almost 2 days, I have enough time, almost done)

Mind you, I am only showing the head and body in this WIP thread, the rest you can see when I enter the contest :stuck_out_tongue: (I even took the time to make a material for them, you should be happy (oh and a plastic pedestal (you heard me, it’s plastic. I even made a plastic shader for it))

retopo of the head

head and body raw sculpts.

head and body raw sculpts 2, plastic pedestal.

So yeah, the most interesting parts are (for obvious reasons) left out of these renders, they were rendered at a few hundred samples (I render at 1M and cancel when I think it looks good enough)

I still need to add detail to the torso, any ideas?

knees back/side

knees - front/side + armor

As usual for everything I show you there’s a plethora of things I’m not showing you.
Oh and don’t mind the material, it’s a quick placeholder I threw together