BlenderCookie ROBOT Contest - I could be... this?!?

An alone robot is examinating a old tin found on the ground.
Suddenly, a frightening thought hits his mind.

This is what the image was inteded to show.

About what the robot’s thought exactly is, I think that what you have imagined at first sight should be your aswer.

I’ve imagined several possiblities, all based on the idea that he is looking at the tin as it could be another kind of robot (or a part of it):

  • “OMG! I’m not going to live forever! One day I will be rusty and abandoned like this poor tin!”
  • “OMG! I’m a robot! Just another men’s technology like this poor tin! What will my future be?”
  • "OMG! So this is where I came from! This could be my father!
  • “Oh NO! The grandfather I was looking for has been destroyed and there’s only this piece left”
  • …or perhaps all the previous ones mixed in one.

In my opinion i should better characterize the robot, which he is still too antropomorphic. In my mind he should have been built whith fridge components to enfatize the connection between the tin, wich is used to store food too, and himself. This should suggest to the viewer the idea that he feels like the evolution of what he is seeing.
I’ve a lot to work on this aspect.

The first background in my opinion is ok, a dirty road, wast containers suggest the idea that the tin was just found.

The second background is now black… I’m still thinking wheter is better a dirty wall or a city view. Bah! we will see…

Nice and funny idea and concept. But with the refrigerator parts I would think that your robot is thinking: OMG I once stored this inside of me.

Cool. I though he was thinking something like “I have no more peas”.

some other ideas: “who am i?” “where am i?” “is this reality?”
He already looks pretty detailed. especially the finger mechanics look like they are full functional. The “mouth” area looks a bit blank.

To be or not to be. - robot version haha
Nice job on modeling but the render sucks… mainly cuz you have no shader on the most of the robot … and you have like 10 passes for the final render.
To focus on the idea and story telling is really good. Most ppl forget to do it… but try to focus on the actual artwork as well…

You may have a great painting in your head but if you can`t paint it is worthless - you will never be able to share it with the others.

Thanks for the feedback!
Here’s a little update of my project.

***I added some fuel tanks and little details on the main body. I’m not very satisfied of the area around the mouth, I even not yet decided whether to give him a mouth or not…
Next time I’m going to work on the hands’s materials, in order to stand out the mechanical details.
For the final render I will probably make a second scene, changing the tin and hand position, to obtain a bigger reflex of them in the robot’s eyes and overlay the renders of the bulbs to the main picture’s ones.


“I cant get this food in my mouth” … “OMG!.. I have no mouth!”

hehe , I like the humour aspect :wink:

The robot style looks very 70’s / 80’s … must be the tinfoil piping :wink:

***Here’s a little update. I’ve added a little light above his eyes and some hills coverd with waste.

The light on his head looks great! The waste hills in the background are also cool. The image has a pronounced contrast between the subject and his/her surroundings which really makes it have good depth.

looks better and better! now with the lamp on his head it gives me the feeling that he is searching for something and that he is surprised/confused to fin that “tin can”. THe Mouth is also not that blank anymore. even if it is not supposed to be opened (why whould he?!). It now defenitly looks more interesting then your first render :slight_smile:
I just wanted to add that the general pose reminds me of shakespeare’s Hamlet “to be or not to be” but instead of a skull hes holding a can :-).

Almost finished… I hope that the background figures don’t look like puppets.
Perhaps I will give a more dramatic look at the image: I mean… I love those purplish reflections, but in my opinion they don’t fit well with the scene…but they are so cute!
I’ll have to sleep on it…