BlenderFreak's First Video Tutorial!

Hey BlenderArtists,

I’ve just opened our first ever video tutorial!
It focuses on basic rigging and modeling of a stick-ish-figure…:confused:
Check it out here or go to:

Once again, thanks for your support!:smiley:

Whats with it being private?

Yup! Can’t see it.


Hum… Would be better to have this video on a “simple and normal” website… no?

Well, almux…

This website was originally aimed at beginner-intermediate blender users…
In some respects this would make the level of this video tutorial very appropraite;
over time the video tutorials will improve in their difficulty… but it has to start small so that all blender users of any level are sure of what is going on- no matter how simple it may seem. The No.1 cause in my opinion of people giving up on blender is lack of useful tutorials…

-Thanks for your comment; Freaky?!

We’re not able to view the video because it is setup as a “private and protected” Vimeo video.

Vimeo private ! Lol


I have fixed the problem! You now have full authorization to view the video.

Click here to view the video :slight_smile:

It works, and I for one like it. Sadly, I already knew the material in it, but it seems good. You sound very young, by the way!

A good start down a long tutorial-making road :smiley:

Thanks Guys!

It’s really great to have your support.
I’ve had two competition entries, 180 views over the past 10 days,
and lots of comments the help me to improve BlenderFreaks!

Cheers… to BlenderFreaks! (you guys)

No worries - we are some of us anyways behind your project. Keep at it!~